Alleged Photo Of The iPhone 6 Box Leaked



Leaked photos of the alleged iPhone 6 in the box has been leaked. Rumors has it that Apple event in which the next-gen smartphone will be presented is scheduled for September 9.

Although, previously leaked images of the final design of the iPhone 6 In some cases has been circulating for a while, the difference with this time is that pictures published is about the packaging. But as much as the phone itself is very similar to the images which had been previously disclosed.

One of the sources said, the images produced by an expert review of Apple Inc. and released in Beta, but declined to give other details, although current images are very compelling compared to previous models. However, it doesn’t look like those images were manipulated. Of course, this statement is still not a 100 percent true.

As noted, these images are very much in line with the images already published on the Internet. It also indicates that the Apple iPhone was too far from the traditional designs yet. No one would expect a break from this tradition, since Apple is more likely not break it.

Thus, time is everything, but one thing is absolutely certain: if the photos are real, it must be said that the iPhone 6 looks pretty thin, yet still has the same design! Whether the latest leak of the iPhone 6 is genuine or not, we will absolutely find out in exactly a month and put all the rumors to rest.

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