Nokia simply bounce off the platform into flames that burned to their handsets with Symbian / Meegan and made up our minds to formally subscribe to the ecosystem supplied by means of Microsoft, Home windows Cellphone 7 with Xbox Are living, Bing, Place of job and different services and products.Nokia and Microsoft simply made the respectable announcement of the strategic alliance between the 2 firms will create a very aggressive world cellular ecosystem with the very best of each firms, in step with the letter issued via Stephen Elop open and Steve Ballmer, CEO of Nokia and Microsoft respectively.

"The alliance will merit customers, builders, cellular operators and businesses world wide" [ source ]

Some of the details of the alliance between the two companies are as follows
– Nokia will use Windows Phone main operating system on mobile devices to high-endsmartphones.
Nokia will drive and define the future of Windows Phone with your experience in building hardware, innovative user interface, support for multiple languages and will be responsible for making Windows Phone to reach a wide range of terminals in terms of price, market and countries.
Nokia and Microsoft will work closely in the development , including marketing, for the future development of mobil
e products.

Bing will be the default search engine for mobile terminals and services Nokia (Maps will be integrated in it), including adCenter for mobile advertising.
– Users can access the Windows Phone Nokia services on its invoices directly through agreements with operators Nokia
The Microsoft development tools will be used to create applications that run on Windows mobile devices Nokia Phone
– Microsoft will enhance Phone Windows 7 and cloud services (Office, MSN, Xbox Live, NAVTEQ, etc.).
All the great list of applications, Nokia will be available in the Marketplace.

Stephen Elop says
Today, the battle is moving from one of mobile devices to one of mobile Ecosystems, and Here Are Our Strengths complementary. Ecosystems thrive When They Reach scale, When They Are fueled by energy and innovation and When They Provide Benefits and value To Each person or company Who PARTICIPANTS. This Is What We Are Creating, this is our vision, this is the work We Are driving from this day forward. "

Ballmer says
"Ecosystems thrive When fueled by speed, innovation and partnership scale.The Announced today cobertura incredible scale, vast expertise in hardware and software innovation and a proven Ability to execute,"

Other mobile ecosystems. We're going to interrupt … [Android and iPhone iOS]

There will be challenges. Will be met … [Possible failure]

Success requires speed. We will be quick … [the time it takes to build a Windows-based Nokia Phone]

Together, we can see the opportunity, and we have the will, resources and drive to succeed!

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