Google allo duo

Google allo duo

Google have been undoubtedly the highlight of the annual Google I/O conference for developers, with Allo and Duo, two new applications that will be available this summer both Android or iOS. At several applications already available -a list this week has been extended Spaces- soon will add two new names.

Presented during the opening speech of Google I/O 2016, global developer conference Google held this week near its headquarters in Mountain View, these apps will be available for both Android phones and for the operating system competition, this summer and could become a serious rival to Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger.

Allo, is the one that keeps similarities with rivals. It is a messaging application that lets you talk much with other people and groups. In addition to text messages which can be sent in different font sizes to indicate the level of emotion, the app supports the use of “stickers” or stickers, small drawings. But what makes it unique to Allo it is the ability to speak not only with others but also with Google Assistant, the new virtual assistant company. It is a software capable of responding to natural language and allow, for example, find information on the network without leaving the conversation. Google’s artificial intelligence will also suggest rapid response to messages.

Allo will also be a secure messaging system. The encrypted messages are sent from the server to the participants. Google also incorporate an incognito to encrypt messages point to point and does not save the conversation history. The messages in this mode can be set to be visible only for a limited time.

Duo, will focus on the role-a video call Whatsapp is ready to introduce in the coming months. It will allow video calls even when the connection quality is low, or when the user switch between WiFi coverage and the phone network. Something that differ from other video call apps is that users can view the video signal caller before accepting the call.

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