Apple annoucement products is heating up more and more. Yesterday iMore anticipated date of presentation, citing reliable sources, coming up with September 12 that Apple will unveil the new iPhone and the iPod nano, as well as the mythical iPad mini. A few hours ago, AllThingsD partially asserted the info

Indirect evidence of the likely announcement of the next iPhone pointed by AllThingsD which believes the completion of the annual update cycle for Apple and a substantial increase in prepayment for components. The growth of the latter in the second quarter reached $1.15 billion., Which is the highest in the last four years, and clearly points to the preparations for the launch of new products – or even more.

If the rumors are true, Apple is really going to present all the expected news that the event will be one of the most ambitious. The new iPhone is to get not only a more powerful hardware but also a new design (which is strongly confirmed by every now and then leaking network components, engineering prototypes, and even video of the partially assembled devices). The iPad mini is subject to a proper pricing policy in order to conquer the market of low cost tablet, which now dominate the Chinese crafts, reader Amazon Kindle Fire and the B&N Nook Color, as well as the increasingly popular Google Nexus 7 tablet.



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