Alternative to SBSettings – Quick access to favorite settings – no jailbreak required


Final week we revealed that you’re the use of shortcuts to&#one hundred sixty;open apps and settings from Siri .Now writes iPhone addict you using the same method also shortcuts to settings on your home screen can be set. So you can recover more quickly from institutions such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Airplane Mode Audio Devices and Intel. You do not need to jailbreak. There are dozens of settings where you can easily reference purposes.


For the shortcuts icon and with all of your home screen, you turn the app Icon project  ($0.99) needed. Normally you will start a website with custom icon on the home screen set, but special links to specific parts of your settings screen opening rather than a regular website.

When you start Icon Project would you give a link to a URL is specified. Then you design an icon that relates to what this button to do and set the desired link in the text field. Do you want this button to your example, Wi-Fi switch routes, fill prefs: root = WIFI in. Below is a complete list of possible shortcuts:

Setting Link
Info prefs: General = root path = & About
Accessibility prefs: root = General & path = ACCESSIBILITY
Flight mode prefs: root = AIRPLANE_MODE
Auto-Lock prefs: root = General & path = AUTOLOCK
Brightness prefs: root = Brightness
Bluetooth prefs: = root path = General & Bluetooth
Date & Time prefs: root = General & path = DATE_AND_TIME
FaceTime prefs: root = FACE TIME
General prefs: root = General
Keyboard prefs: root = General & path = Keyboard
icloud prefs: root = CASTLE
icloud Storage and Backup prefs: CASTLE & path = root = STORAGE_AND_BACKUP
International prefs: root = General & path = INTERNATIONAL
Location Services prefs: root = LOCATION_SERVICES
Music prefs: root = MUSIC
Equalizer prefs: root = MUSIC & path = EQ
Volume Limit prefs: root = MUSIC & path = volume limit
Network prefs: root = & path = General Network
Nike + iPod prefs: root = NIKE_PLUS_IPOD
Notes prefs: root = NOTES
Notifications prefs: root = NOTIFICATIONS_ID
Phone prefs: root = Phone
Photos prefs: root = Photos
Profile prefs: root = General & path = ManagedConfigurationList
Reset prefs: root = General & path = Reset
Safari prefs: root = Safari
Siri prefs: root = & path = Assistant General
Sound prefs: root = Sounds
Software Update prefs: root = General & path = SOFTWARE_UPDATE_LINK
Store prefs: root = STORE
Twitter prefs: root = TWITTER
Use prefs: root = General & path = USAGE
VPN prefs: root = General & path = Network / VPN
Background prefs: root = Wallpaper
Wi-Fi prefs: root = WIFI

Once created, you can choose your favorites from your shortcut or to put on your home screen.Do this last, you get a button for one setting on your home screen with an icon to distinguish it.Remember to make him a matching name, such as Wi-Fi.

This trick makes it easier for iPhone users to quickly change settings, but a complete replacement for the jailbreak tweak SBSettings is not. After all, you must still press the switch in question after you've pressed the shortcut. Would you rather not jailbreak (or you can not on your iPhone 4S), this is a fine alternative.

Download: Icon Project  for $0.99 [itunes link]

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