Alternatives To Apple’s Lightning Cable



Whether or not with the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch models , the quality of the charging cable has always been poor. When Apple released the iPhone 5 with the new connection type Lightning, it didn’t change. Only a different design for the same known issue.

Apple recommend to use original products of the brand itself or alternatively, certified products are equally for suitable use. But the truth is that I find equally dangerous cable “Chinese” or purchased on eBay for a dollar , the original lightning cable is priced $20  and around $30 for longer version .

For a while now and after a fortune in original (and Chinese) cables,  I decided to try the aforementioned certificates cables. Now is a good time to buy this kind of accessories because you can find good deals / alternatives with prices to suit all tastes.

Anker A7114011


Made out of Nylon braided, usually sells for around $26, but Amazon has for $14

Bolse C129


On Amazon range from $15 to $17 depending on the color

Veetop VeetopLightning

For the price of $7.49 at


AmazonBasics Apple certified lightning cable for $7.99 on their website

This is just a small sample of the wide range of options that you have when choosing. If the rumors of future iPhone 7 commented met on possibility of removing the headphone jack and use the Lightning connector and headphone jack.



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