Rumors and concepts about the iPhone 7 have been floating on the web ever since the beginning of 2016. That if there is nothing new in terms of the name that Apple chooses for its upcoming smartphone to be the iPhone 7 everybody is talking about. Of course, concepts in rumors do not always correspond with what Apple can show in its annual event. Moreover, sometimes cases like today where the public acceptance is high are given, but very unlikely that this will be like the images shown in this article.

This iPhone may not be the iPhone 7 because Apple has not worked in with some technologies and there is nothing to show a change of course, much less with the results obtained by other smartphones would copy what some users may miss in iPhones.


The fact that it has two screens is something that could rule out absolutely. Moreover, many of the materials themselves and the commitment to 5 inches and one size does not seem to be the idea that Apple has in mind for the next iPhone 7, to first maintain the two models on the market.

This concept of iPhone, like so many others is shown before the official presentation. But although never gives the case that these concepts become reality, Apple always comes up with a surprise. Are you the only one who does not like this concept of the iPhone 7?

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