Amazing New iPhone 7 Concept Inspired By The iPod touch And iPhone 3G


iPhone-7-concept-1A designer committed to ‘mix of concepts’ between the iPhone 3G and iPhone 6 for the conceptual design of this interesting iPhone 7.  Previously on the web, several concepts of iPhone 7 were presented, some with USB-C connection, other without connecting headphones, others with anti falls systems …

Now a new concept emerges with everything we had seen so far, ignore the current design of the iPhone 6 and 6s to a device reminiscent of the iPhone 3G, where the back is curvy, providing less contact to the surface.

According to the designer, the new iPhone 7, have improved technology of 3D Touch, faster processor, the A10, the Home button would have the Force Touch function, be waterproof ..

We will find out this Fall if the iPhone 7 willl hit the shelves with a different design to the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s, at least according to Apple’s trajectory to date. Changes in technical specifications, as in every generation, but a jump in its nomenclature, as years ago, also involves a profound change in the smartphone aesthetic section. And for the moment it is too early to speculate, but a designer proposes a ‘back to basics’, as they have done many manufacturers, and it takes some of the key design iPhone 3G.
Nothing ‘chrome’ in the back, but a metallic aluminum brighter than current Apple smartphone finish. And instead of the soft rounded line linking the front and rear iPhone 6, this design iPhone 3G vertices are retaken. However, the front is maintained without any change to the iPhone 7, which proposes this as a mere concept designer.


The Apple logo on the back of the device would be raised, although the device had similarity to the iPhone 3G would be manufactured in aluminum as well as the latest models but also the iSight camera would have a LED flash. The situation would remain the same buttons until now, with a button on the right side of the device to turn off the screen and the slot for the nano SIM.

On the left side of the device, the volume buttons would be found together with the lever to silence and put our device to vibrate rapidly. In the bottom of the device also we would find speakers, connecting also the much rumored lightning jack 3.5 mm, which seems to have its days in the iPhone.

And with the change in the material of the back, the color gamut of the iPhone 7 would remain in ‘space black’, ‘gray’, ‘gold’ and ‘pink gold’ but with a different tone now. Furthermore, the designer proposes a uniform back, no dual tone combinations and contrast regardless currently making line antenna iPhone 6s color. No doubt an interesting design. But probably very far from what will actually be the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

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