Amazon Announces Premium Touchscreen Echo Show For $230


Amazon echo touchscreen

Amazon just introduced a new device with Alexa: Echo Show, a home device with WiFi and seven-inch screen that plays media and responds to voice commands.Echo, so far, was limited to listening and giving answers, but now it is possible to make video calls with other people, a device that can be the center of the house for $230, with shipments starting on June 28 in the US, other countries will follow later.

According to AFTVnews, this device will have a price tag of 220 pounds in the UK and about 240 euros in Europe.  This information is consistent with a report previously published by the Wall Street Journal on Monday. The news was that the touchscreen Echo could have a price over $200 and that today’s announcement could be made. Apparently, we will not wait too long to learn about Amazon’s new device, and we will also have an official announcement within a few hours.

The goal is not only to be a “skype” channel, they also want to be a mini TV, along with YouTube videos, security cameras, photos, weather forecasts, to-do lists, shopping lists and much more, all activated with voice . It has Dolby speakers and eight microphones, although its weight of almost 1.1 kg do not make it a very portable option.


As reported by the Wall Street Journal, Echo Show will provide direct video and VoIP calls. Maybe Amazon sets here on Chime and wants to offer thereby a comparable performance range to Skype. Further details will be given when the new Alexa device was officially introduced by Amazon. Already two months ago there was a report, according to which telephone functions between echo speakers are planned. Then, echoes could become an internal home intercom. Since the echo loudspeakers have all the technical possibilities for this, it is conceivable that this capability is also made available for existing devices with an update.


Recently, first photos of Echo Show were announced. At the top is a 7-inch display in cross-format, including speakers. Thus, old tube televisions were once fashioned. In previous reports, it was said that the display of the new Alexa device can be rotated, the Echo Show probably will not be the case.

The new model is controlled primarily by means of Alexa via voice commands, high-sensitivity microphones would listen to the predefined signal word and carry out the desired commands. Thus the weather report, sports results or news could be announced. In addition, the smart home can be operated with voice command using Alexa.

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