Amazon Announces Unlimited Cloud Storage Plans



Amazon today announced a major change in its range of cloud storage. From now Amazon Cloud Drive is unlimited storage space. The company will provide users with unlimited storage amount.

Also has also released a new product for users who just want to store photos. This new plan is called “Unlimited Photos” and costs $ 11.99 a year . It will allow users to store an unlimited number of photographs and Cloud Drive 5GB of files and videos.

The plan “Everything Unlimited” hard $59.99 a year and provides unlimited storage of photos, videos, documents, music, movies and more on Cloud Drive .This is a great advantage over other services such as Dropbox , for which users pay $9.99 per month (or $99.99 per year) for 1TB of storage. To get unlimited storage for corporate account is required. Google Drive provides 30TB of storage for $299.99 per month. The only free option is Microsoft , but requires a subscription to Office 365.

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