Track dematerialized pursuits more and more huge corporations. Apple and Google must additionally quickly launch their devoted provider, however Amazon is eventually making their rattling the pawn. For certainly, with Amazon Cloud Player , you can store your music online and enjoy it on any computer and your mobile Android. But be careful, because the tool is currently limited to U.S. territory.


This simply means that we can not enjoy the moment. Even that's awfully unfortunate because the Amazon Cloud Player does not really lack of interest. Not at all, even. To understand this new platform, one must first know that it is based on two tools: the Cloud Drive an Cloud Player . Their operation is relatively simple, the Cloud Player can indeed read the whole music store on Cloud Drive, the latter amounting finally to Dropbox, but the sauce Amazon.

Note however that users are of course free to store anything they want on Cloud Drive.By default, it gives a free 5 GB of space for all users. Not bad. But if you buy an album on Amazon MP3, so your storage will magically to 20GB even better. If that's not enough, then you can checkout and opt for 50 GB ($ 50/year), 100GB ($ 100 per year), 200GB ($ 200 per year), 500GB ($ 500 per year) or 1000 GB ($ 1,000 per year). For those interested, this storage service based on Amazon S3.

And then, what happens? In fact, it's very easy because you just go through the cloud Player to play all the music stored on Cloud Drive. Yes, all music, including that which is stored on your computer. It is indeed possible to go through a dedicated utility, the Amazon MP3 Upload "to transfer our own music on Cloud Drive.

Oh, and if not, you still have to know that the Amazon Cloud Player can be to be had on Android.It’ll be imaginable to take his track any place with cloud itself, is solely whether or not the applying contains an offline mode as proposed in Spotify. After all, it most effective is still to stay up for a response from Google and Apple.


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