Amazon Dash Button Let You Order Products With The Push Of A Button

Amazon Dash Button is introduced, a very different product launches to which we are accustomed. It’s not a phone or a tablet, nor a new e-book reader.   Amazon promises to revolutionize the market more than they can make deliveries via drone (which is starting trials in Canada, to overcome US restrictions), with a press of a button to buy certain products instantly.

First of all. No searches nor any selection, each Amazon Dash Button is associated with a particular product within the huge catalog of Amazon products, including the company itself provides a catalog ‘consistent’ with this new technology. We found toilet paper, juices, creams, dog food, diapers, chocolate, yogurt, garbage bags … products of our day to day, overall great brands.


How does it work? Simple is an understatement. After an initial configuration via a smartphone Dash Button we want, then we can ‘stick’ to a surface (the rear incorporates an adhesive for it) and start using. WiFi available so you can join our wireless network; have not provided data on possible autonomy, used battery or recharge method.

Once connected, a single touch starts directly and automatically order the user. Amazon sends a notification on your phone, so it’s easy to cancel your order if you were to change your mind. The products available for order with Amazon Dash Button are meant for those in cleaning or toiletries such as toilet paper, dishwasher detergent, for the washing machine but also drinks and snacks and later on the company will add more features and brands.

(source: Amazon)

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