Amazon Echo Look Camera: Style advice from Alexa! With the Echo Look, Amazon introduces another device in the Echo Universe and pushes ever further into its own four walls. With the Amazon Echo Look, an intelligent camera with the Amazon Alexa language teacher, so to speak, videos and photos can be recorded by voice input. Alexa Echo Look is currently only available in the USA and also there by invitation only. When the Amazon camera will be available in Germany is so far unknown. Amazon can be purchased for $200, $20 more over the standard Echo.

Amazon Echo Look includes all features that are already known from the “normal” echo. In addition to the Alexa microphone array and loudspeaker, the EchoLook includes a camera that can be turned off at the touch of a button (very good!) As well as LEDs for a sensible illumination during the recording of photos or videos.


When recording photographs via the EchoLook, the software is free-of-charge or the background is blurred to achieve a depth effect. With artificial intelligence, the own style and look can be evaluated. Say: in combination with the Amazon Echo look, Alexa can give you tips, which outfit suits you or if you “look good” in the current outfit. For this, however, the Amazon echo look app is necessary, which is available free of charge for iOS and Android.


Amazon is serious about the Amazon echo and Alexa and currently they are on their way to conquering their own home more and more. With the Amazon Echo look, Amazon aims specifically at an interesting and high-turnover market: fashion and beauty. Suggestions for the new outfit buy immediately from Amazon should only be the beginning. By evaluating the videos and photos, trends and target groups can be better assessed and monetized naturally.

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