Amazon Fire TV Stick released to compete with Chromecast



Chromecast has been one of the most successful devices of the year. Many companies are taking different shows a competitor, but at last we begin to see alternatives. This is the case of the Amazon Fire TV Stick, launched today and aims to become an alternative to the height of Chromecast.

The Fire TV Stick is connected to the TV HDMI in the same way that Chromecast connect and also has a price of  $39, slightly more expensive than Google.

With this device we can see all the content from the cloud or mobile television. In fact, compared to Chromecast have more space in the cloud, more power thanks to its dual core processor, 1GB of RAM to prevent alleged interuptions and access to chapters and more than 200,000 songs.

In fact Amazon takes full advantage of its contents as the main feature of this stick ; Netflix Instant Video Prime, Twitch, Watch ESPN … It has its shortcomings such as lack of voice but as seen in the following comparison does offer a few bonuses regarding Chromecast.


The Fire TV Stick also offers a much more complete than Chromecast not welcome box. Against him is the lack of specific developments, is that despite not being a device whose code is released, Chromecast itself has many dedicated apps.

Another change is that it has a remote , which will help us and others to control Spotify songs, videos or stop any series. An addition that somehow overlaps with the mobile but it never hurts to give that feeling of complete multimedia equipment.

It will be available in the US stating on November 19 and it still unknown when the Amazon Fire Tv stick will be avialable outside the U.S.   .

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