Amazon opens the doors of the future with the new Amazon Go, an experiment that will start at 2131 7th Ave, Seattle, WA and could soon expanded to other country as well. What is it? A supermarket without speakers and without cashiers, which automatically recognizes the products chosen by the customer by activating the payment directly to your Amazon account.


The new facility incorporates several technologies that streamline and simplify the traditional purchasing process. To enter one of these new stores you need to download and log in to the Amazon Go app, available on the App Store and Google Play. This application, combined with multiple sensors and deep learning interprets and records all the elements that the consumer collects from the shelves.

To complete the buying process, simply walk to the door and exit the store. It is not necessary to go through the box. The different systems of the store, along with the application installed on the mobile device, are responsible for recognizing the items and making payment with the credit or debit card associated with the Amazon account. Zero friction.

The first Amazon Go store is only open to company employees. At the end of the testing period, Amazon will open its stores to the public and expand the number of Amazon Go stores available around the world.

(Source: Amazon)

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