Amazon introduced the Fire TV – Apple TV competitor for $99


Amazon-Fire-TV-flat-with-remote-popcornAmazon officially unveiled a multimedia console that allows you to stream music and videos from your mobile device to the TV, and also provides access to 200,000 movies, TV shows and millions of songs from the catalog company. Novelty called Fire TV.

Hardware specifications are not pumped Fire TV – 4-core processor , 2GB of RAM , a dedicated graphics engine , dual-band Wi-Fi. All this allows you to display an image at 1920 × 1080 pixels , and gives access to the impressive list of various services . Top box users can search for relevant content by voice , while in the kit comes with a set of special control navigation buttons.

The company wanted to make the Fire TV truly family gadget , so it included mode FreeTime, allowing children to watch secure content ( in a strictly specified time ) and learn the basics of programming without constant supervision by parents .


Amazon Fire TV and positioning as a gaming device . In May, for the set-top box will be available free games from studios such as EA, Sega, Ubisoft and Disney. Manage them will be using the remote control supplied , a special application on your phone or controller , which goes on sale separately for $ 40. Paid games will cost an average of $ 1.85.


Among planned to release games appear Minecraft, racing simulator Asphalt Airborne 8 , Monsters University and 3D- shooter Sev Zero. According to journalists , the graphics shown in the Amazon demos was quite clear and smooth , nevertheless , to the level of Xbox One or PlayStation 4 it is still very far .

Set-top box from Amazon will compete with a variety of devices for multimedia ” streaming “, including the Apple TV. Fire TV will be on sale starting from today, priced at $99. The same is set-top box Apple.

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