Amazon Introduces Fire TV (2017) With 4K and HDR Support



Amazon introduced a new Amazon Fire TV with 4K and HDR support in a new diamond-shaped design, exact square format. Amazon has saved the rear HDMI connection: Instead, a short HDMI cable looks out of one of the four corners. The new streaming box dangles behind the TV. The supplied remote is enough, because it works as before with Bluetooth wireless instead of infrared. Like the predecessor model, the 2017 Fire TV dominates the ultra-HD resolution (4K up to 60 fps)) – and additionally HDR for more as well as finer graded colors. This makes the device equal with the new Apple TV. On the sound, Amazon also turned: the new box delivers not only normal 5.1 surround sound synonymous Dolby Atmos for sound effects from above.

Amazon’s life has obviously changed little. A 1.5 GHz (GHz) quad-core processor continues to work, flanked by 2 gigabytes (GB) of memory and 8 GB of memory for apps. However, the network connection is saved: The new Fire TV only has WLAN. This is a problem for 4K movies and older WLAN routers, because to display ultra-high-definition content, the network needs speed! If you do not have a current router, use the Amazon Ethernet adapter. The network cable can be installed for 15 Euros. This solution is not particularly elegant (unlike the Chromecast Ultra with its network connection at the power supply), but purposeful. With its voice remote control, the Fire TV also controls Smart-home products from vendors such as Philips Hue, TP Link and Tado. Soon, it will also show the live image of Smart-home cameras in the TV picture; which is to work with cameras such as Ring, Nest and Logitech.

Availability and Price

Price at $69.99, the 2017 Amazon Fire TV pre-order is going on now, the schedule delivery is for October 25 to. In parallel, there is the new streaming box at Media Markt, Saturn, Conrad, Expert, Medimax, EP and Cyberport. That’s less than half of what Apple wants for its new Apple TV! Who however needs the 2017er-Fire-TV? Owners of an HDR-capable UHD TV are not necessarily, because almost all flicker boxes, which are suitable for the fresh Fire TV, are smart TVs – the movies and series of streaming providers with on-board means from the Internet to the screen. Many people are not quite as quick to work as the Fire TV, but for more than ten seconds, viewers hardly wait. Only Philips TVs partly lack the corresponding Amazon app; Netflix is ​​everywhere. However, on the one hand, the Smart TV apps for the Amazon videos can not be operated by voice, which eliminates the comfortable search and control via Alexa like the Fire TV. On the other hand, the Smart-home functions of the new Fire TV are a purchase incentive for the fresh device.

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