Amazon is Working Alexa-powered Airpod Rival


According to reliable sources at Bloomberg, a special team at Amazon has been working on its own AirPods competitor for a while. It contains Alexa as standard so that you can give all kinds of voice commands. They may also get better sound quality.

The hard-working Seattle-based e-commerce giant has been working on the
earphones for a while now, says Mark Gurman. With the earbuds, you can use Alexa to order products from the web store, but you can also control your music and request other information such as the weather forecast. You address the assistant with a simple “Alexa” command. We already find similar functions on the Echo speakers, because you can also shop via the webshop.

On the AirPods, you can tap for control and according to sources, that will soon also be on the wireless earbuds from Amazon. The earbuds are supplied in a case, with which you can also charge them. The similarities between the AirPods and this upcoming set from Amazon are therefore large, but there are also differences. Amazon wants a better sound quality than the AirPods. The AirPods are praised for their ease of use but do not have the very best sound quality. In addition, Amazon is testing multiple colors, including black and gray.

Amazon would suffer from development delays, but the announcement is scheduled for the second half of this year. To use the earbuds, you must pair them with a smartphone. That is probably also possible with an iPhone since the Echo speakers also work with Apple’s smartphone.

Recently, Apple has released the long-awaited successor to the AirPods. The AirPods 2 have a new chip that ensures a longer battery life in speech and lets you switch between devices faster. In our AirPods 2 review, you can read what our experiences are with the latest earbuds from Apple. If the AirPods are not for you, check our list of AirPods alternatives.

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