Bloomberg announced that Amazon currently is developing a smartphone that will have to compete with the Apple iPhone and the smartphones will be  running the Android operating system.The company website says that it has received information from two different sources, which have proved reliable in previous rumors.

The new smartphone will be made in cooperation with Foxconn, the company is also responsible for the production of the iPhone and iPad, something that Apple probably is not happy.
According to the sources of Bloomberg, Amazon is already a busy time with the smartphone, in recent months, the company focused on acquiring patents describe the use of wireless technologies, not least given the current patent battle between Apple and Android manufacturers .

Amazon is one of the largest companies in the field of digital books, music and movies. So far they succeed in there nicely,  even though at the favorable prices of United Kingdom store ever extinguished do. An Amazon smartphone would mean that the company is a new group of mobile users can focus.

A low priced smartphone Amazon would certainly be good for the strategy of selling digital books, music and movies. The smartphone market has never been greater in the first quarter, manufacturers sold about 400 million smartphones, to name just to show how much there is to win for Amazon.

Amazon refused to comment on the rumors, but analyst Mark Mahaney was able to report that the company is likely going to release the phone in november. Even though it is unconfirmed rumor is – so far refused to comment to Amazon – these plans sound quite plausible. Could on their own cloud infrastructure is also offering exclusive media content on demand and cost – would open its own smartphone Buy new market opportunities for digital content such as books, music and movies. The hardwarewould be a means to an end, and could therefore be sold practically at cost.


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