Amazon launched Cloud Participant for Mac


amazon_cloud_player_mac-1Mac users have the opportunity to work with the Amazon music catalog on their computers. The company announced the launch of a separately installed application that is optimized to work with the cloud service to Apple desktop platform.

Running on OS X native application Cloud Player, the owners of “Poppy ” can view the latest news albums and a list of virtual plates that are sold at a discount , and purchase music tracks with the built- store Amazon MP3. You can play songs and download them to your computer.

Recall service Cloud Player, Amazon launched in March 2011 , allows you to play music stored in the cloud drive Cloud Drive, in streaming mode. There is also a special web player Cloud Player, works in browsers Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome, and mobile player Cloud Player for Android. In total, the Amazon music store is 22 million tracks.

At the request of Amazon, Cloud Player support service AutoRip. As part of this service buyers of CDs with music MP3- produced versions of the tracks in the cloud, available for free download from the iPhone, iPad, Android devices or computers on Windows and Mac OS X.

Amazon Cloud Player is compatible with computers on theOS X 10.6 Snow Leopard or later  operating system  . You can download the client for free on Amazon website.

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