Amazon-Fire-TV-mainAmazon Fire TV renews its range with a version for Gaming, and developments in the Fire TV stick. – Incorporate best performance figures and assistant Alexa. More than a year later, with an announcement on its US website and renew their Kindle Fire tablets, Amazon Announces New Fire TV: now in two versions.

Fire TV

Fire-TV-4K1The same as always, now with support for 4K video, and wireless a / c with double antenna and microSD card support. – In terms of software, this new version incorporates Alexa, Amazon’s personal assistant, with which you can search for content from Amazon Video, Hulu, HBO GO, Showtime, etc.

So far the news, maintains a quad core processor 2Ghz unspecified, and 2GB of RAM and 8GB of storage. – A USB port and Ethernet connectivity complement the HDMI standard. Amazon also promises juicy news in graphics performance, and will remain limited to the United States. Its price, US $ 99.99. – As of October 22.

Fire TV Gaming


A spin off of the former focused on gaming. The main novelty at first sight is that it includes a control game. Internally it is equal, but comes with a microSD card included 32GB, not to mention the speed of it, and includes two pre-installed games: Shovel Knight, which recently talked – The price goes up to $139.99, and will also be sold from October 5.

The remote control was sold last year to $40, and this version has much better pint. – We’ll see what such ergonomics and running when we test.

Fire TV Stick


Now in two versions, one with remote Alexa for $50, and the other with command without microphone for $39. – Still an alternative to Chromecast with more advanced options. If you choose the option with command without a microphone, you can use the official application to issue commands. – Or buy command separately for $29. With 1GB of RAM and a processor more limited, yet it does not support 4K, and kept in a respectable 1080p very suitable for the price.

Novelties for previous versions

Alexa also hit the old Fire shaped TV software update. So if if you are looking for is only the wizard, you will not need to buy the new version.

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