Amazon launches Chime video conferencing service for business


Amazon Chime

Amazon continues to diversify its products quite well, and this time comes with Chime, a new application to make video and audio conferences between various users that will allow to bring simplicity to this type of formats. And it is that one of the problems of Skype is the fact that the conversations are usually complicated quite easily due to configuration and connection problems. Chime promises quite the opposite, a system of video-calls and conferences free of frustration, at least that’s what they are promising in their advertising campaign and that after the first contact, it seems absolutely real.
This application, as it could not be otherwise, is a multi-platform application, which will be compatible with Mac, Windows, iOS and Android. A perfect alternative, since WhatsApp video calls and Skype videoconferencing are not getting as deep as they should in a professional environment. Amazon promises video in high quality and with good video thanks to its experience with Amazon Web Services, carrying the simplicity by flag, in short, they simply want it to work and that it does well, without boasting, promising to arrive and to use.



The basic application will allow conferences between two people for free, however, the Plus version will allow for only $2.50 per month you can use for example the function of sharing calls and video conferencing with a larger number of users. Surprise arrives with the Pro subscription, for around $15 per month, supporting video conferences of up to 100 people, with recording functions of the calls and many more configurations that allow us to personalize until the exhaustion this type of conferences.

Meetings start on time because they’re easy to join – meetings call you and you can join with a single tap. Lengthy pins are a thing of the past. A visual roster shows who has joined the meeting and who is running late, and allows anyone to mute background noise. Amazon Chime offers rich apps for iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac, and your chats are always synchronized across your devices. You can switch seamlessly between devices anytime, even in the middle of a meeting.

Will the final blow to Skype? An application that despite being almost indispensable, generates an unparalleled hate due to its poor optimization.

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