Tomorrow is Amazon Prime Day. Some people are wondering on whether is it worthy to sign up for membership for $99 per year in order to take advantage of deals and sales. More than 3000 items will be offered on Prime Day. Is it well worth the price?

As a reminder for the ones who don’t know, Amazon Prime is a service of mail order company Amazon, which offers a fast and cost-effective shipping in Germany, free loan of a selection of Kindle books and movie streaming. Since November the offer with similar conditions in Austria is available.

Currently Amazon advertises in TV’s “Prime Day” tomorrow,  July 15, 2015. On that day shall there be more than 3000 daily specials – but only for Prime members. Anyone who wants to benefit from it, so it must be a subscriber, or at least take advantage of the free trial month:

One month Amazon Prime free trial mode
That the tenders are as good as promised, is not yet known – the products and prices, the mail order company does not want to reveal.

Amazon Prime with movie streaming


Amazon Prime includes for about a year access to Prime Instant Video, so a free streaming of over 13,000 movies and TV episodes. For the selection are not any new known productions, but still titles such as Fast & Furious 6, I – Despicable Me 2, Django Unchained, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and series such as Homeland (Season 3) or Big Bang Theory (Season 7 ).

Supported devices include Mac, PC, Kindle Fire, iOS devices, Android devices as well as various Smart TV, Blu-ray players and consoles.

Free e-book borrowing from Amazon

Not only movie fans will get their money, but also books rats: For the Kindle (e-book reader Paperwhite or the tablet Kindle Fire) gives free Amazon books. Another option, if you don’t want to pay the membership but want to rent ebooks, subscribe to kindle unlimited for $10 a month.

For this, there are some limitations:

In the Kindle apps for iOS and Android no e-books can be borrowed.
It may be downloaded only one book. Before a new loan of the previous titles must be returned.
Just an e-book can be borrowed per month.
The offer applies only to selected titles.
They are not necessarily the highlights that offers Amazon Prime in the lending library. Much of the title is unfortunately only of moderate quality, but takes his readers.

Free Premium Shipping with Amazon Prime

We come from the virtual goods to material things. Prime customers will benefit even with orders, if Amazon itself is the sender: The shipping costs are eliminated, even if the purchase is less than 29 Euro In addition, the packets are normally delivered the next day – so it promises at least the advertising. (According to my personal experience, I no longer rely on it but. Possibly to blame but DHL.)

Morning- and evening-Express are cheaper than for a normal customers without Amazon Prime.

Photo storage space for Prime members

Another component is Prime Photos. According to the supplier, it offers unlimited storage for photos in the Amazon Cloud Drive. Via mobile devices, the images can just as on Mac and PC are loaded into memory. To view a compatible console, a SmartTV or Amazon Fire TV ranges.

Cost of Amazon Prime

Currently Amazon offers a one-month free trial membership for Prime. After the trial period, an annual fee falls in the amount of $49. In the account settings, the automatic extension of the Prime subscriptions are turned off.

Students choose the Amazon Student  option if you want to use only the free shipping and not the Kindle Lending Library and Prime Instant Video.


Conclusion to Amazon Prime: Is it worth the service?

Amazon Prime offers an interesting package. As video on demand service, the service is very convenient – a month falling to the equivalent $5 a month, including additional benefits. However, the movies compared to some VoD competition is quite slimmed down.

Sneak-peek of things to come:

  • Fire TV Stick – $15 off
  • Kindle – $30 off
  • 32-inch Smart HDTV – under $200
  • 50-inch 4K TV bundle – under $1000
  • Bose headphones – lowest price ever on Amazon
  • Chromebook laptop – $199
  • Buy two Nikon COOLPIX cameras – 50% off
  • iRobot Roomba Pet Vacuum Cleaning Robot – under $300
  • Husqvarna mower – under $300
  • Fire HD 7 – $60 off
  • Up to 50% off any of the Harry Potter books
  • Fire HD 7 Kids Edition – $60 off
  • 32-inch LED TV– $75
  • 40-inch 1080p LED TV – $115
  • 40 lightning deals on DVDs – up to 75% off
  • Harry Potter books – up to 50% off
  • Divergent Series Complete Box Set of books – up to 70% off
  • Prime Now will also offer deals in the six cities where the service is offered
  • Two security camera-kits, $279.99

Who wants to see movies, to be Amazon Prime unlikely to pay off. It already takes some orders under $30 to pay for the savings in shipping the fee. The unlimited photo storage sounds tempting, but we have not tested it. The title of the Kindle Lending Library are not necessarily for everyone.

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