The video service streaming Amazon Prime Instant Video play its contents on iOS and Android without the need of having an Internet connection. Thus, users can now download your favorite content to your device and view it without Wi-Fi or your mobile data spending.

The offline playback function is not entirely new for old users on Amazon. The company led by Jeff Bezos and allowed owners Amazon Fire tablet play video without a connection; but now users of iOS and Android are the beneficiaries.

Because agreements and licenses, Amazon says that films are taken into offline mode (temporarily downloaded to the device) between 15 and 30 days. Once the film or series was downloaded and reproduced, users have up to 48 hours to finish viewing the content.

Also, Amazon says that not every catalog is available for offline playback due to the same licenses to distributors, but it is working to add more content for playback offline.

The service – also due to leave – you can only play by users with accounts and address of residence in the United States and the payments system 1-Click enabled. Users of Amazon Mom, Prime and subscription for students are the beneficiaries.

This feature is an excellent addition to Amazon Prime Video, mainly to have a tool that allows you to differentiate and displayed as a better option than Netflix, market leading service and does not plan to add the offline playback.

Last December, Netflix said he was not contemplating a playback mode offline, then expect that in a short time has more connections and public Wi-Fi networks so that users can see their content nearly anywhere.

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