Amazon Prime video app coming to the new Apple TV



Amazon Prime video will soon be available as an app for the new Apple TV. Even before it became clear that Amazon was to launch the Apple TV 4’s own streaming service,  Amazon Prime Video was not about to be offered. Amazon had previously both the Apple TV and the Chromecast away from their own web shop, and cited as a reason that Amazon Prime video would not work and so the clients are confused.

Apple responded to this situation, opposes to what BuzzFeed said “all vendors are welcome”, but Amazon has no app for tvOS and thus no app for the Apple TV 4 filed. The latest information indicates that this is now said to have changed. Dan Weeks Boston asked about the state of development and scored confirmed via email that the app for the Apple TV is “hopefully in a few weeks” available on the App Store.

Apple-TV-4Thus at least one counter-argument should be out of the way, many people have not grasped this very reason for Apple TV. 4 With the app, it will then be possible to the offer of Amazon Prime access video and sleep comfortably to stream movies and series on the big TV. If the application is available in the store, the app will be available soon.(Source: Twitter)



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