Amazon is planning to launch a new subscription streaming music service with high definition content, a feature not yet found on various services like Spotify or Apple Music.

According to Music Business Worldwide, Amazon is in talks with record companies to license high-definition tracks of the various tracks in concession. According to this report, the company would have already convinced major record labels.

The goal is to launch a new Amazon Music subscription with streaming tracks available in high definition to be priced at $14.99 a month.

With this move, Amazon wants to win over audiophiles who are willing to pay more to listen to high-quality music. At the moment, among the most well-known services, only Tidal offers an option of this type with CD quality streaming (44.1 kHz / 16 bit FLAC) and a limited number of Master tracks (96 kHz / 24 bit FLAC files with MQA encoding). The service will cost $20 a month.

At the moment there is no other information available on this future Amazon service, not even with regard to bitrate data and compression methods. The report speaks only of audio streams of higher quality than CDs, but with coding different from MQA.

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