Amazon is betting heavily on artificial intelligence in their products. A few months ago, the company Jeff Bezos announced the arrival of Alexa, the virtual assistant created by them. The first device based on this technology was Amazon Echo, a virtual assistant handled by voice and intended to make us things easier at home.

In March, it was announced and launched Echo Dot, a smaller and cheaper version of Echo. Its price is $89.99 but, like his older brother, is not available outside the United States.


The conditions for purchase are somewhat peculiar. You can only buy if you’re using Prime and through Alexa, by an Echo or Fire TV. However, it is no longer possible to buy, because since July, is listed as sold out on the website of Amazon.

Now, thanks to Twitter we know that Amazon will put on sale a cheaper version of mini speaker, Echo Dot. And, through the official account Amazon Echo Dot, it was published a tweet with the news. This tweet was deleted within minutes. It seems that the information was published by mistake.

The tweet in question did not contain much information. Only indicated the existence of a new Amazon Echo Dot and its price will be $49.99, a considerable reduction in the price of the current model.


This model will come with Alexa built-in. If you follow the same line as the original model, the new speaker does not have 6 smart speakers, or a great sound. It is quite possible to include any accessory to make it portable, which would facilitate the transport of the device by the house.

It’s about time that Amazon put on sale the new Echo Dot, we might even see a model for the bathroom or kitchen, as has happened with Fire TV. We will be attentive to the movements of the company in this regard to bring you all the news of new product leader in online trade.

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