Amazon Video Direct Released To Compete With Google’s YouTube



Amazon announced the launch of a Amazon Video Direct service to compete with YouTube, owned by tech giant Google. While the company has a Prime Video streaming service with original series very well made and exclusive high-profile contracts, which was released last week launched as a standalone product in the United States -before it was an added bonus of the Prime Subscription -. And on Tuesday, as Variety reported, he launched a new product designed to compete directly against YouTube: Amazon Video Direct.

“It is an exciting time for content creators time and we are very pleased to offer another alternative to connect with the audience,” Vice President of Amazon Video, Jim Freeman said in a statement.

The new Amazon Video Direct service, which allows users to publish and share your videos and make a profit with them, is part of the Amazon Video platform, created a few months ago by the company to compete with Netflix.

For now , the video service is only available for users in the US, UK, Germany, Austria and Japan, which can begin to publish and share their digital content from today, according to a statement.

YouTube, with over one billion users worldwide, currently controls 20% market share videos on the Internet, a business that generates annually about 2,000 million dollars (1,755 million euros) in the United States.

Last year the California company already stopped selling on its Web devices for Internet video transmission via television manufactured by Google and Apple to concentrate on their own video playback system.

Two hours of the close of trading on Wall Street, shares of Amazon rose 3.1% in the Nasdaq market, where appreciated by almost 4% since the year began, while in the last twelve months have fired more than 61%

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