Amazon’s Fire TV Cube Aimed At Apple TV 4K


amazon cubeAmazon introduced a new member to the Fire TV family team with which to control everything related to multimedia. The Amazon Fire TV Cube, a new device that aims to reduce market share to Apple TV and is an interesting combination between an Amazon Echo and an Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Before starting to tell you what this Amazon Fire TV Cube offers us, we will tell you that in the coming months the availability of Alexa in other countries such as Spain has already been confirmed. Therefore, although initially nothing is said of the availability of this equipment outside the United States, it is very possible with the arrival of Alexa to Spain throughout this 2018, the Amazon Fire TV Cube also land in these lands . Having said all of the above, let’s continue with the launch of Jeff Bezos’ company.

The Amazon Fire TV Cube is an interesting content streaming device. Also, in addition to being able to offer their own content through the video on demand platform, we can also listen to music and even use it as an intelligent speaker since it has the virtual assistant Alexa.

The latter means that we can request certain actions through voice commands that will allow us to have control of the equipment without having our hands occupied with different remote controls. On the other hand, this Amazon Fire TV Cube has compatibility with HDR technology and Dolby Atmos, something we will appreciate when we start to see a movie in the living room and receive a clear and enveloping sound.

As connections, the new Amazon computer has WiFi, different IR sensors and HDMI-CEC connection -the latter to use Alexa with voice commands and can act on the TV, for example-. Also, the different IR sensors available to this Amazon Fire TV Cube is to be able to control other equipment in the room through it. That is, to be able to function as the brain of the room at all times.

Finally, the most technical aspects of this Amazon Fire TV Cube can tell you that it has 2 GB of RAM, 16 GB of internal storage and a quad-core ARM processor at 1.5 GHz working frequency. Meanwhile, several IR extenders and an Ethernet to USB adapter are included in the sales package in case we want the connection via cable.

As a note, Amazon Fire TV Cube not only works with your Amazon Prime Video platform, but we can also control our HBO account, Netflix and some other service. By the way, Amazon has taken the right to broadcast through its service the English football league, La Premier.

The price of this Amazon TV Fire Cube is $119, although Prime users will have a promotion available during the first 30 days in which they can get this device with a discount of $30 over the original price.

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