The iOS 7 applications user interface  features is new, simple and minimalistic design. Apple from the ground up work every aspect of the appearance of the mobile operating system: redrawn icons to make them more “flat”, utilizing a new font, new wallpapers, revamped program staff and fully replaced the UI elements that existed on the iPhone and iPad recent years.

21-year-old German designer Ivo Minttinen prepared a cheat sheet for developers of mobile applications. It describes the standard elements, templates and building blocks, as well as recommendations for the design of the interface of programs in the style of iOS 7. When creating applications for the new operating system, users can be guided by a set of rules drawn up by German designer.

“With the release of iOS 7 developers and graphic designers have to adapt their applications for the new” flat “design. The new operating system, the system has changed the location of UI, icon size and standard interface elements, typography and iconography. For this reason, the iOS Design Cheat Sheet, which I published last year after the release of iPad mini, needs updating. I decided to make a special guide that will help in the development of applications for iOS 7. “

The site describes Ivo and size of building blocks UI, fonts, menus, icons, and other interface elements. Developers can read the instructions and guidelines for creating user interfaces for iOS 7.

A similar set of rules for the visual design of software for iOS 6 is called the Apple Human Interface Guidelines. It is known that the third party software developers for the iPhone and iPad have to adhere to the rules developed by Cupertino. In case of gross violation of their application will not be taken to the online store App Store.

iOS-7-chart-2 iOS-7-chart-4

The main difference is that it is the only site considered for necessary information. Developers can read the directions and pointers for the institution of recent interfaces for iOS 7

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