Apple took good thing about the up to date its MacBook Professional to disclose extra about Mac OS X Lion . Scheduled for this summer, the first announcement concerning the dating of last October and should therefore seize the opportunity to talk again. Especially since many users are joining and integration of part of iOS a very evil eye. Anyway, if you want to know more about the next Mac OS X, then everything is in the sequel.


Good, however, rather than present you only the new system features unveiled by Apple, let's just leave on a full list of functions known to date. Sorry for those who already know but from all over something story as fully as possible to take a step back to Mac OS X Lion.Well, at the same time, you're a big boy (or big girl) so you can spend on the functions you already know.


Mac App Store

Here, obviously, if you're on a Mac, you already know since it made its debut last January 6. I know is accurate, but I'm a guy and clear all those who know me will tell you . In short, no big surprise, the Mac App Store is a great market place on which you'll be able to find a ton of applications and games for your bike. Some like, some not, but must recognize that it is quite handy for big noobs.



Again, everyone (or almost) knows it. Launchpad was created especially for those who never go out without their iPad. And for good reason since this function looks exactly like the home screens, head of the tablet. You find yourself face to face with all the applications installed on your Mac and you can easily start those of your choice. Obviously, you remain master of the doohickey and you can rearrange them as you see fit.


The full-screen applications

If you have the latest edition of iLife, so you probably have noticed that it can open like iPhoto in full screen. Obviously, this mode should be extended to most of the functionality running on Mac OS X Lion. Say it may be convenient for those who have trouble concentrating with Echofon running full blast behind.


Mission Control

Overall, Mission Control is a kind of mixture between Exposé and Dashboard. Yes, all that. With a few clicks, this function allows the user to jump from application to application, to manage all its windows and much more. Not being a big user of Exposé and Dashboard built into Mac OS X Snow Leopard I confess that Mission Control leaves me rather cold.


Gestures and animations

Mac OS X Lion incorporate even more "gestures." Whether you use the trackpad to MacBook Pro Trackpad Magic or an iMac / Mac Pro, you can then do some more naughty things with your fingers nimble. If you want to know what these new movements, the following demonstration should bring joy and happiness in your little heart of Geek!

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