Analyst Ben Ritzler of at Barclays in its note to investors said that Apple is waiting for the fate of Microsoft and would not recommend to buy securities of American corporations .

Investment strategist advised investors to refrain from investing in stocks Apple. According to the expert , he does not see prospects for growth, despite the possible release of “smart” TV hours iWatch and iTV.

“Frankly, we did not find the reasons why the debut of” smart ” TV or hours can provide the explosive growth of the corporation. We believe that these products will not turn the market , as happened with the new device categories before, ” – said Ritzler .

The analyst believes that the Cupertino company is waiting for the fate of Microsoft, which failed to achieve long-term growth .

” In assessing the Apple we carry the analogy with Microsoft in the 2000s . We see no precedent for a huge IT- corporation after one or two difficult years again began to expand. Here, the law of large numbers – the company reach its peak , “- he added.

Meanwhile, not all analysts are pessimistic about Apple. According to Horace Dediu of Asymco, this year the “apple ” the company become a leader on the combined market of computers and mobile devices, overtaking on the number of issued computer gadgets Microsoft.

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