Analyst: Windows Phone will overtake iOS in 2015


Analysts have some exceptional predictions.Afterwards test whether or not they’ve been proper means is a problem on account of market research are now and again contradictory outcomes. On some events, Android on the rise since and one month later, the iPhone back on the winning side.Take it with a grain of salt so that analyst firm IHS predicted. They think that the Windows Phone number 2 position in the market for smartphone operating systems will take. This happens as early as 2015, the agency predicts. The growth is mainly because the market share BlackBerry collapses.



Microsoft will have to hurry, because the current sales of Windows Phone little reason to give a flush of victory. If IHS proved right, would mainly come from the collaboration between Microsoft and Nokia. Both companies have enough marketing power and money at home to ensure that potential purchasers Windows Phone as an alternative to see. Nokia is currently in third place in the list of global smartphone sales, behind Samsung and Apple. But the new devices Lumia, Lumia especially the 900, will ensure that people get interested again in the company. At least that thinks IHS, which underpins the predictions with data.

 In 2012, Windows Phone has a market share of 16.7 percent in the smartphone market (in 2011 was still 2 percent). Android will grow from 47.4 to 58.1 percent in 2015. And market share ranges from 18 to IOS 16.6 percent in 2015, says IHS. This ensures that Apple is in third place, behind Android and Windows Phone.IHS was particularly impressed by the Lumia 900, which was demonstrated at CES 2012: it contains a "flashy set of features that makes it competitive with the best alternatives from the Android camp," wrote senior analyst Wayne Lamb of IHS. Incidentally, is the picture is even worse for RIM, who last year had 32.7 percent market share, but in 2015 in the category 'Other' courses, which totaled 8.6 percent occupies.

Moreover, in the following figures only looked at smartphones. You count iPod touch and iPad along, then suddenly a much larger share iOS.


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