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Root Motorola Droid on Android 2.0.1

Root access will enable you to modify the Motorola Droid Anroid 2.0.1 phone’s firmware to whatever you want to have on your phone like themes, apps and custom Roms just like you do on the jailbroken iPhone

Motorola Droid Has Reportedly Been Rooted

According to a forum post on AllDroid, the Motorola Droid has been jailbroken to provide root access to the device.
Motorola Droid

Verizon Launches Motorola’s Droid Phone

Verizon wireless today officially announced the Google Android 2.0-powered Droid smartphone, the company's first Android phone. The Droid will be available Nov. 6 for $199.99 with a two-year contract and $100 mail-in rebate. As we reported...

Amazon Introduced the Kindle Fireplace HD in two sizes: eight.9-inch and seven-inch Show

Amazon announced today during a press conference a number of new Kindle Fire tablet including three variations on the Kindle Fire HD

Amazon to announce its own smartphone this week

The Amazon smartphone will run Android 4.0. The Verge seems to have learned that later today Amazon will release its first smartphone.

More than 20 million Samsung Galaxy S III sales in 100 days

Samsung Electronics has announced that the first 100 days of presence in the sale was 20 million on the market brought by Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung Galaxy S3 popular than iPhone 4S

For the first time in its existence iPhone 4S lost the status of the best-selling phone. Its place was taken by the Samsung Galaxy S III

Apple and Google enter secret talks discussing patent issues

Apple CEO Tim Cook and Google CEO Larry Page are talking about patents, last week would have conducted a phone call about their issues

Amazon Kindle Fire tablets sold in the nine months they have occupied 22% of...

Less than a year ago, was presented to the tablet Amazon Kindle Fire. A device with a seven-inch screen and costs $ 199 quickly became a best seller

The first iPhone 5 Android-clone landed on the Chinese market

Before the new Apple iPhone at all announced, does a Chinese company for a copy. The Goophone i5 is based on all hardware pictures of the new iPhone

Echo victory over Samsung: Apple’s stock price has broken a new record

U.S. District Court in San Jose, there was a lawsuit between one of Apple's major competitors , South Korea's manufacturer Samsung

Internal memo of Samsung case against Apple is Published

According to executives, Samsung plans to continue to fight Apple, as well as to gain consumers attention.

Apple wants to block the sale of Samsung smartphones

Apple on Monday urged the court to prohibit the sale of eight Samsung smartphones in the United States, after a verdict was rendered

New Samsung Store In Sydney Copied The Apple Store

Samsung in Australia's first 'Samsung Experience' opened. The shop looks like two drops of water on the successful Apple Stores