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South Korean court banned both the sale of Apple and Samsung devices

South Korean court ruled that both Apple and Samsung are guilty of violating the rights to use patents infringement

Instacube: Stylish frame for photos from Instagram

Instagram photo service called a very powerful Social network for downloading and sharing photos, available to iPhone , iPad and Android based phones

Apple and Samsung begin closing arguments in court

The sensational trial between Apple and Samsung for patent infringement is ending, both parties presented closing arguments

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Released

What do you do when your weird phone / tablet device gets massively popular and sells 10 million units? If you're Samsung,

No Progress on Apple, Samsung Patent Case

Apple and Samsung do not compromise in their patent disputes, after a judge asked for simplification. udge Lucy Koh had asked both parties

38% of Consumers confuse Apple Products from Samsung’

The ongoing litigation between Samsung and Apple reveals many interesting details relating to the mobile products of both companies.

Apple offers Samsung to license its patents on smart phones and tablets in 2010

Continuing in San Jose' court, patent proceedings the world's largest manufacturers of smartphones, Apple and Samsung has brought

iOS and Android dominate the market, collectively 86% market share

For the first time in the second quarter of 2012 , more than 100 million of Google Android smartphones were sold.

Samsung Galaxy tried to make it look more like the iPhone

Apple's lawsuit against Samsung shows documents in which you can read how Samsung tried to make the Galaxy S1 be more iPhone-like

Nuance makes voice control apps possible for iOS and Android apps

Nuance is a virtual assistant named "Nina" offer within apps from big companies. Nina should allow apps such as banks, insurance companies

AT&T recommends customers to buy anything but the iPhone

According to some sources, it appears that AT&T has deliberately adopted a strategy to increase sales at the expense of the iPhone to other smart phones.

Nexus 7 Has a Secret Magnets Good Quilt just like the iPad [VIDEO]

We already know that Google will own the Android Nexus 7 tablet and a smart cover on the market. Similar to the iPad Smart Cover,

Google released the source code of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

Google released the source code for Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean . This has been submitted as part of project called Android Open Source

Apple sued over noise reduction Technology By Noise Free Wireless

Apple is being sued over noice reduction by Noise Free Wireless Silicon Valley company that believes to have the rights to noise cancellation technology used in apple products.