Android operating on an HTC Contact HD


This model of Android OS for Home windows telephones additionally comprises the a lot mentioned animated boot display from Nexus One which surprisingly runs quite smoothly in an emulated environment.  Check out the video below

Nexus One on Windows phone

Unlike the previous version, this emulation port is actually quite usable with working accelerometer, bluetooth, phone calls, SMS, WiFi and even 3G. To get it to work, head over to the XDA Developers forum to grab all the required files to run it on your Touch HD.



1 – Save all your data from the USB device to the PC
2 – Aspect her to FAT32
3 – Copy the entire folder “Android-Donut-htclinux-15-11-09” in the root of the memory card
4 – Rename the “blackstone.txt” in “startup.txt” and run in the root of the stick
5 – (original text)

A new zimage is available here, unzip everything in the root of your sdcard rename the new zImage.20091120_235415 to zImage and  delete the old modules-2.6.27-00593-g3890096.tar.gz

6 – Fail to copy “rootfs.img” from the folder “rootfs.img-15-11-09” and replace them Similar to correct the problem charging your device
7 – Go to the tab backlight settings and remove the check mark from where the parameter “automatic backlight adjustment”
8 – Disable PIN in Windows Mobile
9 – Go to Fail manager, find “Haret.exe” and run it

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