Android 2.2 vs IOS 4: JavaScript Test


The ultimate model of Android 2.2 for Nexus One is now to be had and IOS four additionally, so it used to be sure to hold out comparability exams of the 2 cellular systems.

At Ars Technica has executed a efficiency take a look at JavaScript on totally different running programs, together with Android Froy and IOS four.




The results show that Safari SunSpider iPhone 4 is almost two times slower than the browser Nexus One


Similarly, V8 are won by 2.2 Android browser.. almost 4 times!


These tests confirm that Google is meeting its objectives of having the mobile platform with the fastest Jav
aScript engine. After all, the future as Google is the cloud and reach it we need a vehicle called web browser.


However, engadget carried out different assessments that contradict these findings.


The next checks had been carried out the usage of the Nexus One with Android 2.2 and Safari four 16GB iPhone with IOS four.




The consequences with Flash 10.1 Android 2.2 is activated in a de
advert warmth and provides off Flash 10.1 winner Android, however little margin.

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