Android 4.0 look on tablets [Video]


The brand new machine referred to as Android&#one hundred sixty;Ice Cream Sandwich  is well known, work on both types of devices (smartphones and tablets). Although Google, on the idea of the new system, has not said a word about a first tablet should come first tablet this year with the new system on the market.For example, the EEE Pad Transformer 2?

 However, should this only because Google has not specified, no other functions can be expected, because by the composite versions of Android in Ice Cream Sandwich, is a tablet not more functionality than the Galaxy Nexus possess.

This might look like, we can now understand the basis of a video by Engadget, because their colleagues have been smashed in the Android SDK emulator contained times with a tablet-resolution (1280 × 800).

ICS-tablet ICS-tablet ICS-tablet ICS-tablet

ICS-tablet ICS-tablet ICS-tablet ICS-tablet

ICS-tablet ICS-tablet ICS-tablet


Apart from the smooth animation time because of the graphics output software-based emulator for the following video should give a good impression of how Android 4.0 "Ice Cream Sandwich" will look like in the unchanged form on Tablets.Of course, tinkering one or the other manufacturer's own papers, but you can see, apart from the start screen very often only slightly.

Do you think that Ice cream sandwich is going to change much on the Tablets?




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