Android Ice Cream Sandwich Supply code has been revealed


An extraordinarily fascinating information for all builders and Customized ROM customers is that now the supply code of the most recent Ice Cream Sandwich Android model has been launched. This information will have to please most customers, which would possibly not come into the enjoyment of the authentic Ice Cream Sandwich. Despite the fact that the hardware necessities are met for the brand new machine is to not say that the respective producer will distribute an replace for the instrument. 


Of course there are various speculations on this and yet are not here all the devices listed by the manufacturer could theoretically get an update. Oddly, still no source code of Android 3.x Honeycomb was published, thus there is no large number of custom ROMs for each tablet. Because Ice Cream Sandwich also be able to run on tablets will be many tablets are now able to enjoy a special custom ROMs.

The code in the Android is Open Source Project downloadedIn principle, the code in the source code of the new Honeycomb Android version is included, but it is not explicitly tagged. This is not exactly clear which part belongs to Ice Cream Sandwich only and which part belongs also to Honeycomb. This fact was by Jean-Baptiste Queru, software engineer at Google, the following reasons:

This release includes the full history of the Android source code tree, Which naturally includes all the source code for the Honeycomb releases. However, since Honeycomb was a little incomplete, we want everyone to focus on Ice Cream Sandwich. So, we have not created any tags that correspond to the honeycomb releases (even though the changes are present in the history.)

This step will of course mean that all developers migrate their apps and Custom ROM development on Ice Cream Sandwich. There is no objection against this idea, because who does not want a Custom Ice Cream Sandwich ROM for their device have? This is true not only for users who do not get updated. Because if you click on the statement of the developer CyanogenMod looks, they will publish their sandwich in 2 months new version, the CyanogenMod 9 with Ice Cream. This means of course that they are faster than many manufacturers that an update for special equipment issue.


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