Android four.1 Jelly Bean Introduced through Google, Unencumber in July


Android four.1 aka Jelly Bean is considerably quicker than its predecessor, Ice Cream SandwichOne contributing factor was the Project butter, with whom Google search for specific points that slow Android unnecessary. This has been implemented including a triple-buffer, so that CPU, GPU and display can operate independently of each other and no
t have to wait.


In the demo, the interface seemed very fast. 
Ensuring there is choppy, Jelly Bean works in animation now from 60 frames per second and adjusts the presentation by Vsync (16 ms).

The touch operation has been revised and aligned with the Vsync so that Android is more responsive to touch events. In addition, the system anticipates where his finger at the time of the screen refreshes is. Also helps to quickly and directly to respond to inputs. In addition, since Jelly Bean input to a CPU boost when a finger touches the screen to ensure that lead to power saving mechanisms of the processors is no latency.




For developers, there is also the tool Systrace with which you can find out what makes an app unnecessarily slow.

Messages can be dictated by the device, which takes place in either speech recognition or Google’s data centers on the device, there should be no data connection. In general, the text input filed and improves new dictionaries and integrates a mechanism with which to learn the system over time. So shall guess Android 4.1, the next word often, even before the user started to type it.In Google’s demo that works well, which is currently only supports English.Other languages will follow later.

Now Google

But not only the text input is possible by language, the new Google Search App Now may be operated by voice command and provides direct answers to questions. It uses Google Now on Google’s knowledge graph.

Google may know more than that: It organizes personalized information on maps. The sports card shows, for example, the results of their favorite team play. What is that Google knows based on past searches. The map shows the flight data to the booked flight in real time, including any gate changes. Places to eat and points to places near and directly reveals what is in a very good restaurant.

Another great new feature in Android 4.1, a new search from Google, which changed the look, and got a new voice engine. Search the Jelly Bean is now something like a virtual assistant in the Siri iPhone 4S, it provides ready answers to the questions and voiced by them.


The most interesting part of Android 4.1, a new service / application Google Now, that displays information based on
user preference. Service tracks the location of smartphone users, displaying the current weather, road traffic on the way to work, the time needed to overcome this distance, public transport, and even tracks from the game your favorite team. Google Now by studying the habits and daily routine.

It may determine that the owner of the smartphone arrived in another city, and the service will display the local weather, restaurants and cafes, which are worth a visit, and will track information about the flight departure. In general, Google Now it looks very promising.


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