After some months ago we began to know about its existence, Google released on Monday, the first versions of Lollipop Android 5.1, the latest version of its operating system, announced on its official blog. And this time, the insurance people will want to get fast access to your devices: very useful options that will be tremendously popular.

The most striking of all is the protection against theft of equipment. Since this version is possible to report as lost device and remotely lock up your original user to sign in to Google it. The interesting thing is that the lock works even when the computer is restored to factory condition. Thus, the owner of a phone can leave your device completely useless, which should discourage the theft of cellular and should even help a stray who you return to your own computer is.

Another option that was high on the list of requests from users was support dual SIM card. Some Android devices like Samsung Galaxy and several others, have trays for two cards of this type, but they could take advantage thanks to software manufacturers. Now support for this comes from the factory, which should give a boost to upgrade these computers to the latest versions of Android and opens the door for other teams have that possibility.

In addition, Android 5.1 allows Lollipop finally turn on and off Wi-Fi connection and Bluetooth from the shortcut menu, which is updated in this regard with party options. Factory also has compatibility with HD voice calls, although the option for now is restricted to a few teams in  AT&T and Verizon.

It will also include improvements in the management of RAM-a big headache for previous versions of Lollipop- and adjustments as Android Pit, should improve the battery life of devices. Of course, it also comes the necessary arrangements lot of ‘bugs’ and problems with applications, wireless and sound.

As usual, the updates come first to the Nexus 5, 6, 9 and 10. Since devices can be downloaded from Google’s servers, and if you want to install them manually have to wait for them to arrive via OTA, what should happen in the coming days. Google Play Edition teams still in the queue, and the other manufacturers should include this version of Lollipop in their development schedules and update, with the usual delays: until March 2, Lollipop was only installed on 3.3% Android devices, according to figures from Google itself.

But let’s be optimistic hope that the anti-theft functionality makes them a little pinch and speed things up.

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