Expect the unexpected: Quite surprisingly, yesterday, Android 5.1 debuted. Still, there is little information on the latest Android version, which still is nicknamed Lollipop. A smaller but innovation is already known: Apparently Android 5.1 comes with enhanced Quick Settings that provide faster access to the WLAN and Bluetooth settings.

A convenience function that exists in Manufacturer surfaces such as TouchWiz for what felt like an eternity, the Quick Settings are: Simply pull down the notification bar and so-called “quick toggles” the WLAN switch, put the phone in airplane mode, adjust the brightness and much more.. Until Android 5.0 Lollipop pulled this convenient feature also in the stock version of Google’s mobile operating system. With Android 5.1, the Quick Settings are now further refined.

Thus, a small arrow is displayed under the icon of WLAN and Bluetooth now that opens a pop-up when you tap and provides the user with more options and settings. This pop-up is displayed above the currently open app without closing it or move it to the store. Therefore, instead of using the quick settings only the Wi-Fi on and to turn off, you will be running Android 5.1 directly can select a specific wireless network to even mention an obvious example. The same applies for Bluetooth.

What features Android 5.1 Lollipop else you can come up will be revealed in the coming days and weeks. But no later than when the latest iteration of Google officially introduces. However, the improved Quick settings could provide an indication of the type and nature of the update us here and now: they are only fine-tuning existing features. Likewise, Android 5.1 should be fine sanding of 5.0 and eliminate various “childhood diseases” – from the botched silent mode up to the memory bug that affected the performance of many devices massively.

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