Android 6.0 Marshmallow is the latest version of Android, with which yesterday featured Android smartphone Nexus and Nexus 5X 6P at the factory are equipped. The new version of Android will offer many new features that rework the system in the right places. Once at the Google I / O 2015 will have a lot of the new features was introduced, Google has announced another new features for Android smartphones and tablets yesterday.

The newly introduced features of Android 6.0 Marshmallow
One of the newly introduced features is Voice Interactions. This gives Google app developers the opportunity to make their applications more interactive for the user. In return, the voice control with voice input and output can now be used by other apps. Gets the user, for example using a voice command, the music app on the app asks about the speech, what music should be played. Then the user can again respond and, for example, call a genre or artist.

Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Among the new features of Android 6.0 marshmallow include, for example, functions such as “Now on Tap” that offers contextual useful content for current screen contents or the revision of the app permissions that are to be confirmed only if they are actually needed. Here the most important new features of Android 6.0 marshmallow at a glance:

  • Battery: Improved power saving mode. If the device is not used, the sleep mode is automatically activated. The lesser-used apps use the mode “app standby”. Support for USB Type-C for more rapid charging function.
  • Android for Work: calls and messages will now display full business contact details. A Briefcase icon on the status bar indicates that an app is used in the work profile. If the device is unlocked directly in an app from the work profile, a warning for the user appears.
  • Android Runtime (“ART”): Google promises an optimized app performance and less memory overhead for faster multitasking
  • Privacy and Security: query the justification for apps, if they are required. The user can refuse these, but use the app anyway. Marshmallow also provides advanced functions for activating and deactivating permissions for all installed apps. During startup (boot) a warning is displayed thanks to the confirmed boot mode when the firmware or the Android OS deviate from the factory version. Fingerprint sensors are supported to unlock the device, for purchases in Google Play, for authenticating transactions in Apps and Pay in online shops.
  • Expandable memory: A more flexible memory management simplifies the use of SD cards or external storage devices as encrypted, extended memory for apps and games on Android marshmallow.
  • Device Setup and Migration: apps, data and accounts can be easily transferred to other devices. While setting up an additional personal or company email account can be added. Automatic backups of apps provides a seamless backup and restore of application data. In addition, the Backup and Restore includes additional system settings such as synchronization, preferred apps “Do Not Disturb”, accessibility and activated IMEs
  • Connectivity: The Bluetooth Low Energy profile (BLE) allows a more energy-efficient Search Beacons near and accessories. The revised hotspot feature ensures secure connection to compatible wireless networks and now supports 5 GHz bands. Bluetooth SAP allows to use the SIM card of your smartphone for talks on the car phone.
  • Help Context: Now on Tap provides contextual help and information. All apps that support the new voice interaction service, can be controlled by voice command. Direct Share offers a fast and simple method for the direct sharing of data and information.
  • Localization: Android is now available in over 74 languages.
  • Media: MIDI support for USB MIDI devices, MIDI over Bluetooth and software-based MIDI devices.
  • Productivity: Numerous innovations, such as support for pressure-sensitive Bluetooth stylus pens with modifier keys, optimized typesetting and text-rendering performance, a more intelligent text selection, integrated undo and redo function and simplified text actions, new text selection features such as the translation option, the text can be directly translated (Google Translate app must be installed) and support for duplex printing.
  • Improved user experience: Also numerous innovations, such as the introduction of App-Links, which installed apps can automatically process their Web URLs or the “Do Not Disturb” mode in the Quick settings, automatic extending a repeated caller within 15 minutes, even though ” Do Not Disturb “is enabled as well as the now everywhere possible, direct control of the volume of alerts, music and alarm clocks.

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