Android 7.0 Nougat New Look Compared To iOS 10




Android Nougat is the most important news. First, you will find new emoji that is not be exclusive to iOS , but if you have come before in the form of beta mobile operating system Apple officially are already available on Android Nougat more than 1500 different emoji so you miss out on lashes looking for the right symbol to your conversation.

On the other hand , the Google team has seen fit to diversify and improve the multi – window support , which is basically the Splitview iOS , although in many more devices .

The battery , the great survivor in Android. Google has launched a software called Doze with the intention that is activated by detection we move or have stored the device.

Adapt to the device that will not be, so will suit processing needs of a device that is not going to be used , a setting of intelligent battery lacks iOS, even though the operating system Apple has the power saving mode , will not be activated automatically , even though the co – processors allow iPhone easily adapt to systems like Doze , for now , are unique features of Android.

The quick answer also comes to Android Nougat, yes, it is a feature that was allowed through many Android applications, but have now integrated this possibility in the system, putting it much easier to developers. iOS also has its rapid response system from iOS 8, however, it was not until iOS 9 when he started to become popular thanks to the advantages of Swift and support of developers.

The “back to …” another carbon copy of iOS on Android, but their way. It is good to have more buttons, you can assign various functions. Thus, Android Overview Nougat adds the function that automatically returned to the application that were previously used with only two clicks on the button that has the same name. There will be devices that do not have this button screen-printed correctly, but a matter of assigning quickly.

Daydream is another Google bets for fashion technology, virtual reality, and that will automatically Daydream many devices compatible with virtual reality and will by and dedicated applications for it in the environment Google Play. Meanwhile, users of IOS, use the version used, will have to settle for tinkering of some developers. However, we do not know if Apple has something ready for Keynote September. Daydream found to support the Vulkan system, direct competition from Metal, the API dedicated to GPU performance for better gaming experience. In this case, Vulkan has much work ahead to reach Metal, which has a couple years of development back.

Improvements level of performance and optimization

Google also focuses its attention on the updates, that great forgotten in your software environment. With the new system updates Seamless devices can install software updates in the background, which will make the task lighter and perhaps incite to end the great fragmentation. As is the case with iOS, first download the operating system and prepares it for a simple restart for many years.

Direct Boot is another optimized aspects, and now Android devices with this operating system will start faster, one of the most common scourges in Android, the system load. It will select priorities when loading the system to optimize response time. At the same time similar to Windows “safe mode” is added.

They expand turn possibilities backups, storing relevant data in the cloud, while will allow customization of the entire screen content, unlike iOS, which only allows you to adjust the size of the when the setting between “standard” and “zoom”, then we can only adjust the text size.

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