Android M Announced: Features And Release Date



A preview of the new version of the operating system in addition to Google Photos, an album of unlimited capacity; It is part of the two-day annual conference for developers

Between today and tomorrow here Google celebrates its I/O, the annual meeting for developers of the company, and its most important event of the year; Android in other editions Lollipop presented its platform for cars and Google Glass; hopefully there will be developments in these and other fronts.

The company confirmed that it sold 17 million Chromecast, and confirmed the arrival of HBO Now this device (in the US). Also, you have 4000 applications for Android Wear, watches platform and devices dress (a similar number available for Apple Watch). And announced Brightness Project, an operating system based on Android for the Internet of things, which must compete with multiple and very established players, in addition to new participants. The first developer version will be ready in the third quarter.


The first announcement of the conference refers to Android M, the successor of Lollipop (the company did not say yet what the final name). Among the new features is the inclusion of a greater control over the permissions that a user gives an application to install: you can access the camera, microphone, our contacts, etc. to preserve their privacy.

Also adds the possibility of running Chrome as a browser within an application to display web content; Twitter and Facebook, for example, do something, but using their own browsers.


Android Pay  is also a part of M: it will work with phones with Kitkat and over (and NFC), and will also support the use of the biometric sensor to validate a purchase.

According to Google, Android M phone uses its sensors to detect if the computer was still a long time (at a table, for example) to enter into a lower power mode to extend battery life; lasts up to 2 times more than in Lollipop (in a Nexus, according Googe). Still receive messages and stuff, but try to be not actively checking other less urgent services.

Also adds support for USB type C (like the one in the latest Chromebook and MacBook); the first phones should arrive in the fourth quarter. And now it will be able to learn what contacts or favorite stocks within an application are.

Sundar Pichai, responsible for the development of Android, Chrome and Google Apps, during the presentation of the event Google I / O. Photo: Reuters
Sundar Pichai, responsible for the development of Android, Chrome and Google Apps, during the presentation of the event Google I / O. Photo: Reuters Photo September 1


The company also introduced Now on Tap, a service that understands queries based on the context of the application in use. In the demo, they used music application with a query “What is the real name of the singer,” the search engine understand the context of the consultation was made on that application. In another example, he is offering content associated with a movie after receiving an email from someone asking if I wanted to accompany her.

Also analyzes the text of a chat to suggest associated actions; and suggested creating a calendar but now adds more options. Or you may


It will be part of Android M.


The company will also implement age rating to the content available in Google Play. The company had already announced in March, but now showed how the content for the entire family will qualify, as well as incorporating greater parental control functions for purchases of content (especially the freemium applications), but not dwell on details .

One of the highlights was Google Photos, the photo application that was part of Google+ now have life on Android. Most notable is the ability to view photos self- classified: identify people, places or types of pictures (landscapes, objects, etc.) in a manner similar to that recently introduced Flickr. Also lets you edit images and create presentations, videos, etc., combining all the material a day, specific place or time. It also allows sharing a set of images with only select and, if the user allowed it, save images on your own Google Drive.

Google Photos does not have storage limit or cost, and is available today for Android, iOS and the web; You can store up to 16 megapixel photos and videos in Full HD (if higher resolution will convert).

The company promised for later in the year the availability of offline maps, the style of the Nokia HERE; It is able to save an area to have it available later, and store the attractions of the area, and guided navigation.

The main conference started at 1330, when Buenos Aires; We will update this article as they doing commercials. You can also watch it on YouTube.

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