The distance between computer systems and smartphones is increasingly more skinny and it’ll come a day when our telephones completely substitute our machines of warfare. Some initiatives additionally are searching for to speed up the motion and it’s subsequently this idea that Bluestack decided to work on a project aimed at porting Windows applications developed for Google Android .And we must admit, on paper, the idea is rather appealing …


And I should probably not be alone in thinking since the box was able to raise $ 7.6 million from several investors. That is still surprising how many people may still lie with checks full of zeros, to believe that ultimately the economic crisis is not the same for everyone.Anyway, with this nice cover, Bluestack will be able to recruit lots of people and complete his project in less time than it takes to tell.

Indeed, we can say that the guy who had this idea does not lack ambition. For indeed, what they plan is to distribute this application to computer makers so they can integrate configurations sold by major retailers. Hopefully our friends that major manufacturers will play the game, otherwise it'll just spread their application by other means. Note however that Bluestack present his project at the Citrix Synergy conference which should normally take place today (or who may have already occurred since this article was written this morning) .

Similarly, according to AllThingsD , the company may soon announce its first agreements next week at Computex. If one believes this information, then we could very soon end up on our computers thousands of applications from the Market. Hopefully just that Bluestack not limit its offering to new machines so we could freely and enjoy our bikes today. In all cases, certainly, this is a great project and they likely be of interest to HP. After all, the Smart Touch are particularly suited to the game, right?


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