Android Auto vs. Carplay

Android Auto vs. Carplay

As much as Apple’s Google trying to conquer the market in infordivertissement your vehicles with Auto carplay and Android respectively.

In a report dedicated to them, speaks of Consumer Reports features offered by each of the systems, their strengths, their weaknesses. They also speak of navigation or texting hands-free mode. Incidentally iOS 9 will bring new features and enhancements in its final version scheduled for this fall.

Android Auto

Android Auto Interface


Carplay Interface

Consumer Reports does not specifically seek to know who the best but explains his views on the two embedded systems, having taken the time to test them in real situations.

Recently, the GM luxury brand Cadillac announced the integration of these two carplay and android auto infotainment systems in 2016 in many of its models. Apple also has many other partners who carplay them plan to integrate the system in some models this year and others next year.

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