Android Black Market: Applanet version is Available [Video Guide]


There are some new data within the Android Black Markets world. The Black Market “Applanet” is now to be had in a brand new model for obtain. 

At the moment time and again said issues with the server, however this will have to now had been resolved. The market is again on-line, and after putting in the brand new app will have to express up any further issues.It must be referred to, on the other hand, the next to forestall connection issues is pressing want to cast off the outdated Applanet installations of your smartphone.


So before installing the new version you please make the following: Go into Settings -> Applications -> Manage Applications -> Applanet market -> clears the data out there, and then install it from scratch.

Download the latest version [] of here

Update: Applanet 3.o apk download

[ ]

Note:  Download and install apps on the Black Mart  at your own risk. It’s always good to purchase apps you want to have on your phone and we do not recommend any installation!


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