Android chief Andy Rubin on Siri “Smartphone Should not be Assistants”


Now that the iPhone 4S almost a week in different countries, diving more and more discussions on the Siri. Some people are excited, but also criticism does the rounds about the virtual assistant. Likewise Andy Rubin , senior vice president at Google Mobile. According to him, not a smartphone should serve as an assistant. You need a telephone to use it correctly to communicate with others, rather than the device itself.



According to Rubin, there are certainly opportunities to serve as a smartphone companion, but he himself sees the technology behind a virtual assistant does not sit. He therefore does not expect the same kind of technology into Android phones will return. AllThingsD quotes the following:

To a certain point it feels natural to talk to a phone, "said Rubin, but until now you did it only with another person. Whether talking to a smartphone with another without you trying to communicate something to be aware not Rubin. "We'll see if it penetrates.

Well Rubin praises Apple for responding adequately to the current consumer market. The technology was finally ready to customers through regular use.


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