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There is help for owners of an Android device infected with a virus. Those who last week shocked the apezuur because the news about the more than fifty infected with a virus apps in the Android Market, gets help from Google. The search giant is very fast all 260,000 phones remotely infected virus free. 

A total of 58 infected apps found in the Android Market. Google will now show what the search giant can do about. Android is the possibility that Google built remote apps on Android phones can erase if those apps in the Android Market have been retrieved.That's exactly what Google will do. 

The apps themselves have been removed from the Android Market, but that does not address the tens of thousands already infected phones. They are probably already addressed this evening. 

Incidentally, there is not much information about the phones leaked through the contested apps, says Google. Of privacy-sensitive information only the IMEI number, not the phone number or other personal information. 

The "remote kill" feature that Google gets stable, does everything automatically spacing; phone owner need to do anything. Google will automatically send a security update to the infected machines that removes the malware. They still get an e-mail them to inform what happens. 

What Google can not automatically do is distribute a security patch that removes the cause of the problem. Android phones with version 2.2.1 or earlier can thus be infected.For distributing the security patch, Google depends on phone companies and phone manufacturers. These should distribute the patch. 

Google announces steps to prevent this problem from occurring again, but what steps, is not told. The big problem s
eems that Google is unable to emergency security patches directly to users to send. There are always between telcos and manufacturers. 

There is a root of the problem is addressed. Screens in the Google Android Market apps are not offered. Apple does that for example, there is consent of the company's needs before anything in the App Store may be offered. 

The 'freedom', the Market offers to developers, has also disadvantages. There may also be offered less cool apps. Google does offer insight when you install an app where the access to them. If, for example is that the app wants to access the contact list, the installation can be waived. However, the question of who read all that fine print when he was working for an app on his plane to turn.

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